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Belize Artist Esko Bio
Belizean Artist Esko

Stage Name: ESKO
Born: AUGUST 14th, 1990
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/esko-evahype-esquiliano
Occupation: Musician/Technician at CHANNEL 10 NORTE VISION
Years Active: 8
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Esko.SwaggaNMelodyRecordz
Twitter: https://twitter.com/esko_evahype

Esko’s BIO
Normando “ESKO” Esquiliano was born on August 14, 1990 at the old Belize Hospital to the Parents Amelio and Dorita Esquiliano. He attended La Inmaculada School and then Attended Muffles High School. In High School is where the journey of Music Begins, for in Third Form his Lit Teacher Mrs. Maria Tun loved his writing and Poems and ask him if he would every convert poems into songs. It seem as a joke to him but eventually he tried it out and capture many teacher friends and family. At last he found his hidden talent and pursued it very strongly.

Belizean Artist Esko Bio
Belizean Artist Esko

However one year later at the age of 16 close to the end of his high school life he suffered Facial Paralysis. He was stroke so hard because he thought his music life was over. After help from Family and friends he went into face therapy to get back motion in the face. After a year he gain back 80 percent of the movement in his face. From there he started recording and was in a duo by the name of Mix Vibez and later tried out for the show called Duets. He and his friend Denzel Armstrong made a real impact on the show with songs such as Facebook Gangsta, Diggy Dagga, Bruk Pocket just to name a few.

After exposure to Belize Esko kept on doing music and he eventually matured into the music world and fully improved him from duets 2009 till today’s date, Last year 2012 was rather a great year for him making hits that really impacted the international scene. The song to make him get a lot of forward was WHINE off the Overproof Riddim. Countless djs international and local loved the song and countless dub plates where done. The song even made it on Eccentrix Sounds summer mixtape in Miami of summer 2012. The 2012 success wasn’t done as he team up with DEE DRE from Kingston, Jamaica to duh a next hit that would have people singing the song and djs playing it all over the country and clubs. The song was entitled “Get that Condom Gyal” a remix to PSY song GangnamStyle. It was a great 2012 for Esko and he is really happy and ready for 2013. Esko really thanks all the djs, Belizean artist, friends, and especially his family, like what Esko likes to say “Half a smile, but a full heart with the passion of music in life”


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